And just like that Christmas has descended upon us, like a dingo waiting to steal your leftover food at the camping site… Christmas means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but it’s always busy. Organising visits with family and friends, while buying presents and avoiding strangers at the shopping mall can all get a little much sometimes.

Who’s turn is it to host Christmas this year? Will Aunty Jen and the kids stay with us or should we tell them to rent the air bnb down the road? What about Grandma and Grandpa? It’d be nice for them to have a comfy bed.. And Uncle Jerry…

The questions and organisation of Christmas can be endless. Very often it’s these kinds of interactions that bring tension which can make Christmas more of a family sitcom drama than a pleasant relaxing, joy bringing holiday. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Granny Flats and AirBnB – the perfect couple

Very occasionally, life throws up perfect complementary couples. Vegemite and butter, Bonnie and Clyde, Saltwater and sun… the list could go on, and you can add Granny Flats and AirBnB to that list.

Having a Granny Flat on the Central Coast and using it as a vacation rental, may well be the best return on investment you can think of. If you are willing to manage the bookings and cleaning of running an AirBnb, you can find yourself with quite the fun and lucrative little operation.

There are many benefits to operating an AirBnb over traditional renting. While it’s not as straightforward as having a long term rental, if managed well you can easily make more money. Not only that, but you are able to keep a better eye on your property to make sure it remains in good condition and can be constantly improving it in the gaps between stays.

However, there is another major benefit that is often overlooked of using your Granny Flat as an AirBnb. This becomes most evident around Christmas time when the family is coming to stay at your house.

Having a long term renter in your Granny Flat means, unfortunately, that you can’t kick them out so that Aunty Jen and Uncle Jerry and the kids can stay for a couple of days. However, with AirBnB, you simply make a few dates unavailable for paying customers, and you’ve got the perfect Christmas getaway for your nearest and dearest without them needing to cram into the main house.

The joy of the Granny Flat is that it is self-contained, so you or your guests can retreat when you need a little nana nap, rise when you want to rise, and sleep when you want to sleep. Keeping your privacy while always having the option to share a drink, a game of cricket or a swim at the beach whenever you feel the need.

A time to celebrate with family and friends

While Christmas can sometimes bring out the worst in relationships, the beauty of this time of year is to treasure and celebrate with those who you are closest to. Whether it’s your brother or sister, or a friend who lives far away, having a Granny Flat as an extra residence turns Christmas from a logistical nightmare into an indulgence of joy and relationship.

So here’s cheers to a joyful Christmas filled with laughs, hugs and a quick trip to the backyard to knock on the Granny flat to see if Aunty Jen would like a champagne or not!