The Process

central coast granny flat renovations cladding

Choose Your Design

Decide whether you would like a custom granny flat or one of our Floor Plans that can be modified to suit your site.


We will provide you with an estimate that is specific to your plans and requirements

Acceptance and Preliminary Agreement

Now is the time when you decide if you would like to take the next step with us, and start the design and construction process of your granny flat.

Preparation Of Plans and Approval

We work with you to design your granny flat and arrange approval for construction either through complying consent or a Development application submitted to council.

Colour and Fitout Selections

Now is the time to get your selections done! We will help you confirm the colours and finishes. When your selections are completed and the approval finalised we are ready to move to the building agreement.

central coast extensions


Everything is finalised and all the finer details have been ironed out its time to sign contracts and get this granny flat built!


The construction process is best described as a roller coaster. In the beginning things move quickly through excavation, base stage, framing roofing and external brickwork and/ or cladding, you’ll be feeling like you’re on a high and things are speeding through.

Once the internal work starts the progress is not so obvious and it feels as though you have hit zero gravity, time has stopped and you’ll be feeling a little drawn out but you have no need to be concerned because we program and allow for these stages of construction and can guarantee you that we will have the project flying through in no time.


Congratulations your granny flat is now finished, you can now take ownership and start hanging the art!


This isn’t a magic show, we don’t disappear once you’ve taken ownership, we have a maintenance program designed to follow through that ensures your continued satisfaction with your new granny flat and your decision to build with Coastal Granny Flats.