Summer is not far away for those living on the Central Coast of Australia. The word summer brings with it connotations of celebration, fun and laughter. Winter is well and truly gone, hope and possibility fills the air with its delicious, fragrant scent.

With this sense of playfulness and fun in the air, we thought it could be fun to take you and your imagination on an adventure to see what some people are doing with their Granny Flats! 

The Pool House

This idea seems particularly alluring coming into the warmest season of the year. There’s nothing quite like those summer nights in Australia, when a bit of swimwear is the only clothing you need all night.

Having a dedicated pool house is the ultimate in designer and luxury. If you love to entertain, then entertaining this idea should be at the top of your list.  Attaching a specifically designed Granny flat to the pool area gives you all the perks of having household facilities and comforts nearby, without needing to worry about disrupting the main house.

A one or two bedroom Granny Flat, in a spacious Cabana like style creates such a paradise within your own home, you would not want to be anywhere else all summer. Adding  appropriate floor coverings (so as not to have to worry about water), some well thought out furniture, a kitchen and bathroom, and true luxury can be yours.

The key to the Pool House Granny Flat is lots of natural light, and an uncluttered space. To be able to traverse between pool and house needs to be seamless and effortless. A few well placed ornaments or pieces of art, and you better expect the visitors to be crowding at your door!

The Two-Storey Granny Flat

The term Granny Flat seems to be expanding and morphing into something different all the time. Nowhere is this more true than in some of the stylish, architectural two storey options now available.

The notion that a Granny Flat is some kind of second rate accommodation is rapidly becoming obsolete. With the boom of the tiny home movement, and our growing need to live in more sustainable ways, the age of the mansion being a sign of high class living is on the decline.

Granny Flat living is one of the most stylish and livable options available in the modern era, but it is not just subject to one level! The Two-Storey option makes possible the conversion of any backyard space into a modern day mini masterpiece. 

The Studio Flat

Building a Granny Flat does not mean it has to be lived in. Whether you’re looking for an office space to work from home; a music studio to record music; an art deco space to make and display artworks; a workspace to build tables or shape surfboards; granny flat designs can accommodate virtually anything that you wish to do in an indoor space.

The Granny… Home?

Subconsciously, when you think “Granny Flat”, you automatically think that it is in addition to the main house, right? Well, that’s a fair enough assumption, considering that’s where the term originated from. They were actually initially built to give Grandma or Grandpa a dwelling that was close to the family house, but not actually in it.

However, there are thousands of examples of people choosing a Granny Flat, or Tiny Home, as their primary and only residence. The desire to live more minimally, and in smaller dwellings has a lot of advantages, like increasing livable outdoor spaces over indoor spaces, or nestling a house in slightly unusual locations, such as deeply amongst nature. 

The Granny flat is changing our perception of the possibility of how we live in everyday life!