While the humble Granny Flat may initially come into existence for Granny, it’s progressed a long way since then. Nowadays a Granny Flat can be used for anything from guest accommodation, an AirBnb, a study space, a teenage retreat, a studio, an office… the list could go on. Your Granny Flat is waiting for you like a blank canvas is to an artist.

Getting the interior design to match the purpose of your Granny Flat is quite the art. From minimalism, to warm and welcoming, here are a few ways you could choose to decorate your tiny home abode.

The Minimalist Approach

The minimalist approach to living has been sweeping certain pockets all around the world. From people living the van life, to the tiny home movement, people are finding that very often less is more. 

This approach is great for a studio or office space (or if you just don’t like clutter). Decluttering and making as much extra room as possible sets the mind at ease and allows for clear uncluttered thinking. The perfect environment to get some work done!

When thinking about a minimalist design approach, think to:

  • Reduce clutter. Only have what you really need
  • Use clean lines
  • Allow maximum natural light
  • Stick to white and natural colours
  • Avoid patterns or anything busy

The key with minimalism is balance. Discover the beauty in the bare essentials!

The Beach House Approach

This approach is perfect for living on the Central Coast. Even if you’re not close to the ocean, you can still bring a fresh breezy sense of living into small space

Think soft blue and green colours of the ocean mixed with natural sand and stone coloured fabrics. Adding some real driftwood and a few shells as decoration will really bring this idea to life, particularly if you’ve found them yourself. Add some layback wicker furniture and it will be as though you’re by the beach every day.

Don’t overdue the decoration. Take some tips from the minimalists and keep it airy and spacious… like the beach!

The Retro Approach

This approach will get you 5 star ratings on your AirBnB and maybe a few too many visits from those distant relatives you hardly see. Retro just means anything from the past – even the 90’s is now considered retro! This approach should make a space feel fun and inviting, a place you could hang out in for a long time.

There’s really no rules for a Retro approach and it can be quite the lesson in figuring out what you like and what you don’t. You don’t necessarily need to stick to one vintage era either. Have fun mixing and matching different objects and don’t be afraid to use big bold colours. In opposition to the minimalists, also don’t be afraid of clutter – often it’s the idiosyncratic excess that gives Retro its charm.

This approach is where the artist within is invited to come out and play!

The Cosy Approach.

This one might be for Granny herself, or perhaps just for the winter. Also known as the Cottage Style, think soft colours, fresh flowers, antiques, personal collectibles, and natural elements such as wood and wrought iron.

If you’re a pattern lover then this is permission  for you to wild. Lay down floral or pattern drapes on the couches and beds, tasselled lamps wherever you feel the desire, then  get out every pillow you can lay your hands on! Cosy is all about texture, you’ll want to walk into this room and feel a sense of relief straight away, as if you’ve come home and Granny has made you a fresh batch of scones and an orange juice.

Above all understand what you want your Granny Flat for, then go and have some fun decorating!