Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Granny Flats

What is the maximum size of a grannyflat?

The maximum size of a Granny Flat is 60sqm.

Will adding a deck or patio affect my 60sqm?

No, adding decks and patios does not affect your 60sqm. There’s are a great way to maximise space for your granny flat.

How long does the design and approval process take?

The approval process generally takes 3 weeks. This time period can be extended depending on a number of things, the most common being a development approval application which council may require.

How long does construction take?

The Construction period takes between 8-12 weeks, subject to weather.

Do you build kit homes?

No. our granny flats are built onsite from the ground up.

Do I have to use one of your plans?

All our floor plans can be modified to suite your site and requirements, however if you already have plans or would like a custom designed granny flat we are able to help.

Are service connections included?

Yes service connections are included in all our prices.

What are you standard inclusions?

Please take a look at our standard inclusions page under build with us

Do you have a display granny flat?

Yes we do have a display Granny Flat located on the NSW Central Coast.

Is an approval hard?

We can handle the entire approval of your granny flat from start to finish, whether it’s a Complying Development Certificate or Development Application we take care of it all.

Does a site visit cost?

Site visits are don’t cost and are obligation free

Can a granny flat be attached to a main dwelling?

Yes a granny flats can be attached to the main dwelling.