If you are thinking about renovations that will add real value to your property, you can’t go past a granny flat. A well-designed granny flat can make an ideal long term guest room, allow you to accommodate elderly relatives or young adults, and increase the value of your home by up to 30%.

Are you thinking about making the most of that unused backyard? A granny flat might be the perfect solution.

We’re experts in creating your dream granny flat on the Central Coast. If you’re thinking ‘renovations’, this is what you consider before you build.

1. Budget – Can I afford a granny flat?

How much does it cost to build a granny flat on the Central Coast? This is usually the first question we get asked. We get it. Building a granny flat can seem like a big investment at first. However, a well-designed granny flat will add value to your property, give you the option of an additional income stream, or let you accommodate guests and relatives in comfort and style.

The total cost of a granny flat construction will depend on the design, size, and site. If you’re not sure, book us in for a site visit to talk more. Site visits are free and come without obligation.

2. Space – Will my backyard fit a granny flat?

All our designs are maximum of 60 square metres – not including patios and decks. This is in line with New South Wales regulations for freestanding dwellings that are on the same title as the primary home. That means, if you have a mid to large-sized backyard, a granny flat should fit comfortably. If your backyard is very steep, we can do a thorough assessment to see if a granny fit will fit, although we might need to do some excavation. If you’re not sure, get in touch today to find out whether your land is right for a granny flat.

3. Design – Will a granny flat suit my Central Coast property?

The great thing about granny flats is that you are free to design them – within regulation – however you like. Our set designs range from modern to traditional, with plenty of room for creativity. Buy off the plan, tinker with our designs, or create your own from scratch – the choice is yours!

4. Investment – Will a granny flat increase the value of my house?

That’s easy. A granny flat is one of the best investments you can make into your property. A granny flat construction can add up to 30% on the total property value on the Central Coast.

5. Additional income stream – Can I make extra money by renting out my granny flat?

On top of the overall increase in property value, many Central Coast residents are building a granny flat to rent out for some extra cash. With rental prices increasing all over the coast, having a granny flat can be a great way to add to your weekly, monthly, and annual income. Depending on the size of your backyard, you might be able to comfortably build a 2- or 3-bedroom home that’s affordable for a young couple or family to rent.

If you’re ready to talk to one of our friendly experts get in touch with Coastal Granny Flats to find out more.